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Can Dogs Eat Wheat?

Can My Dog Eat Wheat?

Not every dog can eat wheat, but this is a tricky question to answer. Just like in humans, dogs can have an allergy to wheat while other dogs may just find wheat difficult to digest.

What Is A Wheat Allergy?

A wheat allergy is a response by your dogs immune system whenever they eat wheat products. It can occur from when they are still a puppy or after repeated exposure into adulthood.

Symptoms of a wheat allergy include
- Itchy, red skin
- Irritated paw pads
- Chronic ear infections
- Digestive problems

Your local vet will be able to help you understand whether your dog has a wheat allergy.

What Do I Do If My Dog Has A Wheat Allergy?

So you've spoken with your vert and your dogs immediate symptoms have subsided, now what? As your vet would have mentioned you now need to start feeding your dog a wheat-free diet, which lucky for you has become easier and easier and food manufacturers have provided more alternatives to wheat.

If your dog isn't exposed to wheat, they shouldn't have any symptoms related to their wheat allergy anymore. This is whats referred to as an elimination diet.

As always if you have any concerns or questions about your dogs diet consult your local veterinarian.

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